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All Inclusive Cleanings

Tenants just moved out or evicted? Purchased a home that needs some TLC? Or do you just want your own home cleaned from ceiling to floor to remove the germs that attach to your walls, rugs and furniture?

SRI Cleaning, Inc. can provide you with a comprehensive cleaning that will disinfect your entire home.

The Basic Comprehensive Cleaning package is what most customer choose. However, should you need more, see the bottom of this web page for Add-ons. Or you may create the job description that best fits your needs. 

House painting services and interior/exterior window washing estimates can be provided. 

This cleaning is $50.00 per employee hour. 

Basic Comprehensive Cleaning

Entire Home: 

Spider webs, ceiling vents, lamps, lamp shades and knick-knacks dusted.

Horizontal blinds dusted. 

Washable food, drink spills and dirt cleaned off walls. 

Light fixtures, ceiling fans, mirrors, pictures on the walls, interior sliding glass doors, window frames, door frames, doors, switch plates, outlet covers, stairs (steps, risers, spindles, baluster, and banister), heating registers and baseboards washed. (Rusted heating registers will not be washed - Heating registers will not be taken apart.)

Exterior doors and interior and exterior window panes on all storm and entry doors washed.

All carpets vacuumed; floors vacuumed and washed. This includes under heating registers, area/throw rugs, and reasonable furniture.

Cloth furniture vacuumed; all non-cloth furniture washed.
Couch and chair frames and cushions vacuumed.

Bedding, couch and chair cushions and pillows fixed.


Interior and exterior of large and small appliances cleaned (refrigerator/freezer must be free of food)

Exhaust hood and filter cleaned but not taken apart.

Exterior kitchen cabinets and drawers washed.

Finished back-splash, counters, sinks and kick-boards under all cabinets and drawers washed.

Chrome and brass faucet fixtures polished and shined.


Washable mold cleaned off the ceiling.

Tiled walls washed.

Tubs and showers cleaned. Mold on top of caulking cleaned.

Toilets cleaned inside, outside and underneath.

Finished back-splash, counters, sinks and kick-boards under all of the cabinets and drawers washed.

Chrome and brass shower and faucet fixtures polished and shined.


If in a common living area, washer and dryer cleaned inside and out.

Trash deposited in the receptacles on site.

If this is a rental property being turned over: 

Opened food items left in the kitchen cabinets, drawers, closets or refrigerator/freezer deposited in trash receptacles on site.

Unopened food items will be donated to our locale food pantry. 

Add-ons to the Basic Comprehensive Cleaning

  • Interior kitchen cabinets and drawers wiped out and spot washed (items inside are lifted up not removed). 
  • Interior kitchen cabinets and drawers washed (all items removed, the shelves and drawers washed, all items put back in an organized manner).
  • All items in the kitchen cabinets and drawers washed.
  • Blinds* washed.
  • Garage and/or Basement swept clean.  
  • Washer and Dryer cleaned inside and out.

House Painting Services Available and Provided By Jay R. Sevey  
An Independent Contractor - Fully Insured and RI Registered Contractor

  • Power Washing
  • Airless Spray
  • Interior and Exterior Painting or Staining
  • Contact Information: - 401.226.6297 

    Jay has been servicing the South County area for over 35 years. References Available