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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions with their answers. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

What are your rates?

For most cleanings, we charge by the job. This allows flexibility to complete the job properly. An initial estimate will be given at the time of scheduling.

Should anything change the dynamics of the cleaning, your cleaning fee will be adjusted. Examples: carpeting removed; flooring installed, counters upgraded to granite, appliances changed to stainless steel, additional furniture added to a room, additional animal(s) added to your family.

What are your primary products?

We use traditional cleaning products such as a solution of bleach and water, Ajax and Mr. Clean. For mold and dried on food, Grease Lightning and Soft Scrub with bleach is used. 

How are the floors washed?

A floor solution is created to clean and disinfect all types of floors. We use multiple microfiber cloths to wash, dry and buff all floors. Clean microfiber cloths are used in each and every house. Sponge mops or wringer mops are never ever used.

Can I schedule a one-time cleaning?

Yes. One-time cleanings can be performed. For these cleanings, we charge by the hour. To choose which type of cleaning best fits your needs, read over the different types of cleanings by clicking on the individual pages along the top of the page and under 'MORE'.

Are you accepting new customers?

Yes. We always welcome new customers. We schedule our cleanings on an every week, every two (2) week or every four (4) week basis on the weekday our teams are in your area. 

Do I need to be present at the cleaning?

No. In fact 95% of our customers are never present at their cleanings.