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General cleanings for your primary or secondary home

These cleanings can be scheduled as a one-time only cleaning or every two (2) weeks or every four (4) weeks to help you maintain your personal or secondary residence in the rooms that are agreed upon; to enhance the cleaning that you perform on a daily basis. 

Our supplies, materials and equipment furnished. 

You may choose one of the following: 

1) Our Basic General Cleaning Description 

2) Create Your Own Cleaning Description 

3) A Personalized Cleaning.  

The first cleaning is charged by the hour. Depending on your situation, future cleanings are charged by the hour or you will pay a set cleaning fee. 

If you have a set cleaning fee and because we hold a placement on our master calendar for your scheduled cleanings, the follow will apply. 

1) Cancel a scheduled cleaning less than twenty-four (24) hours before the date, you will incur a cancellation fee. 

2) Cancel a scheduled cleaning, and it takes the team longer to perform all duties at the next one, you will incur a fee. 

 'Basic General Cleaning Description' 

Please have your house picked up and ready to be cleaned. This helps your cleaning fee.

In All Rooms That You Want Cleaned:

Spider webs removed

Reachable, floor facing ceiling fan blades dusted with microfiber duster. 

Furniture and items on the furniture dusted.

Pictures on the walls and mirrors cleaned.

Debris cleaned off of couch and chair cushions.

Exposed, interior windowsills dusted. (the wood that protrudes into the room)

Tops of door frames, window frames, exposed radiators, exposed heating registers and 
exposed baseboards dusted with microfiber duster. 

Reasonable wood stove or fireplace debris swept up from around the adjacent area. 

Floors and carpets vacuumed including reaching under furniture that sits  6 inches or more off of the floor.

Floors washed

Wood stairs washed.

Entry door glass spot washed. 

Interior sliding glass door spot washed. 


Beds will be prepared only if linens do not need to be applied. See below in 'Other Services' 


Exterior of microwave oven - Interior of reachable microwave oven.

Exposed, exterior of large and small appliances cleaned.

Top of exhaust hood cleaned.

Finished back splash cleaned.

Sinks and drains cleaned. 

Exposed counters and counters storing reasonable items will be cleaned (Excessive of  miscellaneous items stored will not be moved)

Reasonable items on the counters cleaned. 

Water spots washed off reachable window panes directly over the sink.

Exterior of cabinetry spot washed. 

All chrome fixtures are polished and buffed.


Showers, tubs and Jacuzzi cleaned 

Mirrors, counters, finished back splash, sinks and drains cleaned.

Toilets washed. (inside/outside/underneath) 

Tiled walls on the side of the toilet washed.

Bull nose of tile dusted.

Exterior cabinetry spot washed.

All chrome fixtures are polished and buffed.

Exposed tops of heating registers and radiators washed  (Heavily rusted heating registers or radiators will not be cleaned)

Exposed baseboards washed. 

Free Standing Tub or Jacuzzi:

If you do not want the free standing tub or Jacuzzi cleaned, please specify. This will reduce your cleaning fee.

***   End of the Basic Cleaning Description ***

Other Services - many can be added to a scheduled cleaning. If one can not, we will discuss all options. 

Apply sheets/pillow cases/shams/duvets to beds that are stripped and ready to be made.

Tops of door frames, window frames, exposed radiators, exposed heating registers and exposed baseboards washed.

Complete cleaning of ceiling fans within 15 feet from the floor.

Furniture polished with your special cleaner.

Blinds dusted with microfiber duster - or - a thorough dusting.

Shutters dusted with microfiber duster - or - a thorough dusting.

Excessive dog drool washed off of interior sliding glass doors.

Entire sliding glass door washed; inside or inside and outside.

Fingerprints washed off of interior windows, walls or woodwork.

Reasonable furniture moved to clean underneath. 

Vacuum under cushions of couches and chairs. 

Vacuum closets.

Counters that store papers, frames pictures, lots of canisters, and miscellaneous piles of 
spices, etc. cleared off and cleaned.

Entire kitchen cabinetry washed.

Refrigerator wiped out.

Oven ash wiped out.

Dirty dishes, pans, silverware, etc washed/dried and put away.

Bathroom tiled walls washed.

Entire bathroom cabinetry washed.

Laundry room or Washer/Dyer closet cleaned.

All or some of the woodwork washed. ie: paneling, Wainscoting, doors, door frames, window frames, etc.

Additional room (s) or area need cleaning. 

Non-heated rooms cleaned April through October.

Spring cleanings for your primary or secondary home

A comprehensive cleaning of the entire home can be scheduled. Please go to the "All Inclusive Cleaning" page for a description of all services available.  All details are discussed and agreed upon prior to scheduling.

House Painting Services Available and Provided By Jay R. Sevey    
An Independent Contractor - Fully Insured and RI Registered Contractor

  • Power Washing
  • Airless Spray
  • Interior and Exterior Painting or Staining
  • Contact Information: - 401.226.6297 

    Jay has been servicing the South County area for over 35 years. References Available